About us

At Tech Warriors, our mission is simple: we want to help you get on top of the most popular tech and business software in an ever-changing and evolving world.

Prior to 2020, learning new technology was a nice to have but not an essential skill for most roles.

Fast forward to today and knowing how to use the latest technology solutions is essential to all roles and the success of today's hybrid workplace.

Where do teams and individuals turn to learn the latest tools and keep up to date with ever-changing technology developments?

Our goal is to empower professionals and help them to 'level up' their knowledge on today's most popular tech in business tools. 

We are doing this in a few key ways:

Easier, bite-sized learning

Short videos with screen-recorded instructions, subtitles and on-screen tutorials ensure information is more easily consumed and retained than other formats offered by traditional learning platforms. 

One easy-to-use hub

Most solutions require hours of trawling through the internet or YouTube. Tech Warriors offers one hub full of videos that cover all key technology sectors in one place.

Affordable support

Individual plans that cost just over the combined price of one coffee per week, ensure that training is accessible to all in order to level the playing field. 

Updates and notifications on the latest developments

Let the information come to you. Through our community we stay on top of the latest changes to all platforms and share this information so that no one gets left behind.


Get started today and begin to level-up your technology knowledge